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  • Looking at When in Rome's business model,  selling boxes of wine to retailers, wholesale and consumers you would be right to double take the 'wine box' and dismiss it straight away.  But the box is back! and with a vengeance.  With a strong online marketing presence and plenty to shout about regarding their environmental credentials, nevermind the value a wine box gives the purchaser.  When in Rome are now shipping into Waitrose, Ocado, Harvey Nicols and loads of wholesalers. This Italian wine importer only selects wine from small growers and is definitely going places! We store, pick, pack and help manage the wholesale channels for When in Rome ensuring that all orders are packed correctly, on-time and within budget.  Using our

  • We love working with all our clients. This one is an interesting case study for us. Ventz produces a unique airflow system for all bike riders to allow air to freely pass around bike leathers and clothing to make all riders more comfortable.  We store and process all wholesale and end user orders using our online software tools to help communicate to the Ventz main website, Amazon and a number of other channels giving the business one login to see all reporting and processing.  All stock is booked in automatically from manufacturers and as the summer months seem to work best for the product we find ourselves shipping goods all over the globe as the seasons change. Don't take our

  •   Valentis Life, a group of pharmaceutical companies that formulate, produce and market revolutionary cosmetic products to all looking to take care of their complexion and body. All of their products are meticulously checked with great care and they are produced on the premise of scientific research, benefitting the consumer, allowing them to naturally defeat various conditions and illnesses. With new products and ranges constantly being launched Valentis have partnered with CBF to store, pick, pack and distribute all their direct and wholesale UK orders.  Launching with a range of face masks. Valentis have hit the ground running with a large European presence their UK business is new.  They have been attending all industry exhibitions to attract wholesalers and retailers that are looking for new

  •   Superfood World purveyors of amazing organic supplements store all their materials with us at CBF.  With an ever growing range of products, we support all the e-commerce and wholesale orders for Superfood World. With a corporate mission to help a million people in underserved parts of the world enjoy better access to basic Healthcare, Clean Water and Sustainability Projects. This company is going places. The Founder of Superfood World, Dr Wleed Haq is a Dental Surgeon by profession. Whilst he was working in the rural mountainous area of Powys, he began to see the benefits of an organic diet in his patients. They would tend to live longer and enjoy better physical and mental health compared to his patients who lived and worked in

  • Supporting charities with their storage, contract packing and order fulfilment is part of our foundation at CBF Fulfilment. But now and again there is a business that stands out with all the right credentials.  We love client Proud to have served. Their aim was to try and raise enough money, through product-based sales, to develop and build an R&R centre that could be used by members of the Armed Forces and Emergency Services and their families. By creating a large range of wristbands, badges, clothing, bags, framed personalised items and watches all with personal messages and representing the forces and the fire brigade to show support.  With such a large range of goods from manufacturers all over the globe, CBF stores

  • Lescaro Health - Importers and Distributors of leading health and skincare products with brands including: Wild Ferns Skincare Mirati Manuka Vantage Onuku Bee Venom New Zealand Thesis Environmentally friendly packaged, sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) free, paraben free and mineral oil free, you know that this cosmetic importer cares about the processes behind the products as much as the brands themselves. We store, repack and process all wholesale and B2C orders from multiple channels including Amazon, eBay, direct websites, and their internal wholesale channels.They chose to work with us because of our attention to detail with our account management, our simple pricing, our secure warehousing, online stock control tools and our credentials.  Lescaro we love working with you.  Sounds like it's