eBay Product Fulfilment Services

Do you sell goods on eBay or are looking to start selling your own range of goods on there? You may have considered using a fulfilment service provider to help you process your orders. But what are the advantages and how do you go about planning for a seamless workflow?

Firstly not all fulfilment warehouses are created equal. You need to look for basic service levels like same day dispatch, secure warehousing, online stock controls and eBay integration. This way you know your goods are secure and they will be processed as quickly as possible once someone orders them from eBay. That all-important feedback you gain from your clients needs to be as positive as possible to build your reputation as a good trader on the world biggest auction platform.

    • Secure Warehousing
    • FREE eCommerce, stock control software
    • Flexible hand packing / finishing team
    • All major eCommerce platforms directly integrated
    • Accurate barcode processing
    • Integrated courier networks for all consignment tracking
    • Fully automated customer communication tracking
    • Organically Certifed Warehouse and Processes
    • onsignment tracking

    • Fully automated customer communication tracking
    • Organically Certifed Warehouse and Processes

eBay Software integration
This is your key to a good relationship with CBF as your fulfilment warehouse. All linked to our warehouse management tools. We give you access to be able to see all eBay orders that come into us, the status of their work i.e. picked, packed or dispatched and even the order details to see the customer note and the consignment numbers to aid all queries.

The beauty of the tools from our perspective is the two-way communication it offers. When we update our systems, eBay gets notified automatically and so do your customers. So you don’t have to fill in all the consignment details or mark the items as dispatched. All the admin is done for you.

This must be a costly service I hear you say. Not at all, we give you all the software tools for free and we will even help you set it all up without a cost unlike most of our competition.

How do we store your items in our warehouse?
We are proud of our speed to process your eBay sales and with that comes the responsibility to keep our pallet and pick/pack bays clean and organised so that we can react and find your goods at a moments notice. We can accept your goods on pallets, shipping containers or simply boxed. We will guarantee to store them in an ambient, secure space where it will not get damaged.

Looking for eBay drop shipping or fulfilment services?
Dropshipping and fulfilment can get confused in processes. But essentially we can handle both. You may be a manufacturer of goods that need a European or UK hub to satisfy service agreements for your resellers, we can help them all to fulfil their order volumes and from all shipping channels not just eBay.

Dedicated Account Management needed?
Well, you’re in luck. Our fulfilment team pride themselves on learning about your products. Your account manager will be able to tell you about how best to pack your goods to be most efficient with the postage and packing materials. We also help you plan for marketing pushes and sale items to ensure your clients get their goods as quickly as possible.

Are there minimum order volumes for our fulfilment team to be processing?
Absolutely not. Of course, we want you to sell more so we have a team in place to help you with your marketing and creation of your eBay listings. Talk to us about how to get started and hit the ground running.

How do we ship our goods out to your eBay customers?
We have national courier contracts and accounts with the Royal Mail. So we can post on your behalf with your account details or ours. Our rates are some of the best on the market.

What do you need to do to start fulfilling goods with CBF for your eBay store?
Give us a call today and talk to us about the types of products you’re selling or planning on selling and we will go from there. Shipping your goods to us is simple, we can arrange transport to collect any size of volume from all over the world and bring it to us safe and sounds. You may want us to quality control the goods. We have a hand finishing team able to check your items for problems that you may have legacy issues with or standards to maintain.

Want to know more about our eBay fulfilment services? We would love to hear from you. Why not give us a call on 01242 802140 or fill in one of our enquiry forms and we will come back to you.