Looking at FBA at Amazon to process your orders? Read this before going ahead.

Amazon's fulfilment processes are market leaders when it comes to scale and marketing prowess. But your fulfilment life doesn't end there smaller fulfilment houses offer so much more than just a warehouse to process goods.  We see daily enquiries from providers that do not want to be restricted by the FBA process as there are other channels to sell goods other than Amazon's shopping cart.

Offering an independent process to all shopping channels we can store, pick and pack your goods to make sure you have all shopping channels covered at once including Amazon.  We work with them in a number of ways.

  1. Our software connects directly to Amazon and FBA to notify us of all orders and details
  2. We can cross dock/relabel/rebox/kit build stock to get all items ready for Amazon to send out
  3. We can even manage the freight forwarding from manufacturers nationally and internationally, quality control your goods and send them to Amazon's warehousing for order processing.

As we all know most ecommerce retailers want as much exposure or shelf space (online or offline) as possible.  Amazon only fulfils Amazon orders which will restrict your opportunities to sell your goods or the freedom to promote them to a wider audience not looking at Amazon.

Let's keep this simple.  We want to securely store, pick, pack and send out all your orders from all your sales channels and help you manage your wholesale orders.  We work as an extension of your service and as we are the last point of control before your customer receives their items we care about our handling, packing and attention to detail in your orders.

Now obviously Amazon is a massive company because they have reached a good balance of customers searching their site to buy your goods and suppliers willing to use their service to sell to their audience.  But there is a price pay.  Amazon will margin your goods up to 30% of your sale price in some cases.  Yes, regardless of whether you use us for your storage and product fulfilment or not Amazon will take a percentage for the privilege of them selling your item and that's just fine.  But let's work smart not hard.  We won't margin every process for storage picking and packing.

At any one point with CBF Fulfilment you can sign in online to our tools and see all your orders from one location, live stock amounts and specific order details like consignment numbers and contact information to help assist your customers with their queries.

Fulfilment companies like us have the ability to go and look at your stock quickly and analyse potential problems before they get to your customer.  We can give you access to your stock at anytime and at short notice. We have no problem with you coming into our warehouse.

Want know more about using CBF Fulfilment to store and process your Amazon or FBA orders?  We would love to talk to you.  Why not give us a call today or fill in one of our enquiry forms.