Hand Finishing, Packing & Kit Building

What do we do?

Hand packing and finishing is such an individual, personal process. We find that each Kit Build we create has exacting, individual requirements; so we listen to our customers to achieve exactly what is required.

Whether that's simply applying a barcode label to a product ready for retail distribution or planning and undertaking multi SKU kit builds.

There a very few limitations to what we can do for you within our fulfilment offering.

On a daily basis our experienced warehouse team pick and pack products from our customers stock inventory to ship directly into their customers, create multi product Kit Builds for more unique offerings such as gift sets and hampers and Hand Work large orders for retail and wholesale requirements.

All processes are watched carefully and managed throughout every stage by multiple departments within CBF. The experienced and qualified staff members that work within our Account Managing, Client Support and Warehouse departments to ensure no matter what your requirements are we will provide appropriate help and guidance through every stage until completion.

Online Retailers, Wholesalers, Importers and Manufacturers we love them all.

Pallet Storage Gloucester
  • No setup fees
  • Secure Storage
  • Free API Integrations
  • Same day dispatch guarantee *Some seasonal T&Cs may apply
  • Royal Mail & all major courier networks managed
  • Over 30 years storage and distribution experience
  • Organically Certified Warehouse and processes
  • Free Online Stock Control Software
  • Dedicated Support Team Management

Hand Finishing Transparency

Our doors are open to our clients.
Why would you not want to check how our packing team are getting on.

We can report on our progress, giving you the data to react to and the feedback on all stocks online using your own stock control software or our own.

Need photos or videos of goods and processes to show speed to pack your goods?  No problem, we get asked a lot to film the packing process to show you the best and fastest way to get your items packed correctly and within budget.

We consider ourselves as an extension of your process. With the ability to take orders in from any source, website, database or spreadsheet we can process your hand packing and finishing orders on the fly or in batches, making sure your customers get their goods when they need them and you get the best value for money.

Shopify Ecommerce Fulfilment

Hand Finishing

Need your goods finished and enclosed in a hurry? Our team of enclosing staff work tirelessly to make sure you get your items out to your retailer, wholesalers, agents and distribution channels on time.

Cosmestics Kit Building

We have seen enclosing jobs from all industries including:

    • Cosmetics
    • Greetings cards
    • Toys
    • Pets
    • Homewares
    • Gadgets
    • Training packs
    • Hampers
    • Points of sale
    • I.T
    • Travel

We are used to working under pressure so give us a call even if your goods are sat in a dock with no home, we can help.

Call us on 01242 802140 if you have any questions.

Hand Finishing / Packing Distribution

We can take receipt of goods from multiple suppliers/manufacturers for processing but once we have completed hand packing or finishing them where do you want them to go?  It may sound an obvious question, but we know how to pack for various channels including retail, online shopping portals, multiple sites, distributors and agents.

Each one requires different paperwork and have variable requirements for their deliveries. We can ship and deliver worldwide via courier, pallet networks or bespoke deliveries if required.

Contract Packing Kits

Don't forget we can store your products so you can manage your finished items across all channels. Using our software you can place orders for the shipping of your goods to your customers/clients anytime, night or day.  Due to numerous processes and checks that we have in place our mispicks figures are some of the lowest in the industry.

Who do we work with?


Loving a good cosmetics company especially one that has a good story.  Take Recover Cosmetics born from years of experience in teaching makeup artists in the film and TV industries.  They have produced a range of cosmetics to rival the best on the market.

Working together to collect goods from manufacturers, storing, repacking and processing goods for B2B and B2C clients.  We have worked with Recover to help promote free sample packs through social media pushes and daily order processing.  Here's a little from them about our working partnership.

We at Flourish Make Up Ltd have been extremely impressed by the professionalism and results that CBF Fulfilment has shown and provided for us over the last 9 months. In particular, your responsiveness, versatility, guidance and ability to work with our other service providers, UK based and overseas, have allowed us to launch our ReCover Cosmetics brand with the absolute confidence that every aspect of our fulfilment needs are in very good hands.

Charles Stone


Toys are fun to manage no matter what environment they are in.  Even in our warehouse, our picking and packing staff love working with clients like Chunki Chilli.  Their knitted toys are all stored in cellophane bags and busting with character, each item has been lovingly made and is looking for a new home.  Who couldn't love a pirate rabbit, a knitted giraffe with a scarf on to keep his neck warm, a cow with a tutu, a badger with a knitted suit on or a lovingly made Christmas Stocking?

We give the toys the respect they deserve.  Helping Chunki Chilli ship goods into our warehouse, process online orders from numerous retailers as well as processing wholesale orders.  With access to our online stock tools and free integrations to all major online retailers, this is a match made in heaven.  We love fulfilling your toys Chunki Chilli.

Here's what they think of us:

We moved to CBF after experiencing a nightmare Christmas with another fulfilment service that inexplicably left a large number of orders on hold until it was far too late for us to restock in time for Christmas. CBF has been very consistent, thorough and methodical, and have lifted a huge burden by using software to automate the processing of orders received via Notonthehighstreet. They have been very proactive about problem-solving.

Director - Chunki Chilli

Loving online retailers at CBF.  We look after cosmetic retailer Blossom and Root, helping to ship in goods from 3rd parties internationally to store, pick, pack and distribute across the UK.  Helping with a same day dispatch guaranteed service.  Blossom and Root can confidently offer a next day delivery service to all orders and with our Organic credentials, we can store and fulfil some of their more regulated products. Here is a small testimonial from them and what they think about our services. We are grateful to have such kind words.

"At Blossom & Root, we work in partnership with CBF Fulfilment to deliver our products to customers from across the EU. CBF Fulfilment provides an outstanding service, always responsive and of the highest standards that more than surpasses our needs as a business and the expectations of our customers.

Feedback from our customers always mentions the speed of delivery as being exceptional and in these challenging economic times, we are sure that CBF's service provides us with an edge in the marketplace.

...We know that if an issue arises with our business, we could rely on CBF Fulfilment to rectify the situation quickly and most importantly to the satisfaction of our customers. We know that through our partnership with CBF Fulfilment Blossom & Root will continue to grow, thrive and prosper and our customers will be delighted."

WOW! Thank you.  We love working with you and your marketing campaigns.

Cool Boys/Girls Shoes

We love working with shoe companies.  Our fulfilment warehouse is home to some of the fast growing and best established around.

Cool Boy and Cool Girl Shoes is no exception. Suppliers of high-quality school shoes for young children. Born out of a lack of choice for the founder's children, this brand now designs their own ranges and also supplies Startright shoes to public schools across the UK.

Here's what founder Angela Brown thinks of CBF Fulfilment:

"I moved my outsourcing to CBF over a year ago now and I have to say it was one of the best decisions I made. From the first conversation I had as a potential client, I felt confident I would be in safe hands. Steve's and his team's knowledge and experience in the field shone through straight away and has been a huge help to me ever since.

I have also experienced great service from the printing side of things when I've needed labels etc printing. I love that it's all under one roof and the standards are kept up throughout. I have no hesitation in recommending CBF.

We love your work Angela! Helping you grow into new locations and keeping your orders looking great and processed is a pleasure.

Everyone can appreciate a lovely pair of shoes but when it comes to Eves and Gray they are sublime in style and quality.

The brainchild of Mr Tim Wearing we have been working with the business storing, pick/packing and shipping goods to wholesale and individuals from all over the world.  This growing business came to us after outgrowing their previous distribution solution and finding that the costs of storage, picking and packing with us was cheaper than the storage space they were utilising in London.

We saved and made efficiency improvements with their outer packaging as well as their shipping costs.

These stunning shoes deserve all the care and attention they get from us.  We love working with Eves and Gray!

Don't take our word for it. Here's what they think of our service:

Without a doubt, the best decision for Eves and Gray was to contract CBF for our storage and fulfilment requirements. They are a rarity in today's market, as they actually use their initiative and common sense.

We would recommend their services to anyone in a heartbeat. 

Timothy Waring


Lescaro Health - Importers and Distributors of leading health and skincare products with brands including:

  • Wild Ferns Skincare
  • Mirati
  • Manuka Vantage
  • Onuku
  • Bee Venom New Zealand
  • Thesis

Environmentally friendly packaged, sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) free, paraben free and mineral oil free, you know that this cosmetic importer cares about the processes behind the products as much as the brands themselves. We store, repack and process all wholesale and B2C orders from multiple channels including Amazon, eBay, direct websites, and their internal wholesale channels.

They chose to work with us because of our attention to detail with our account management, our simple pricing, our secure warehousing, online stock control tools and our credentials.  Lescaro we love working with you.  Sounds like it's more than mutual. Here’s what they say about us:

"At Lescaro Health we took an important decision to transfer our logistical operation to CBF Fulfilment in 2016.
It has been a positive move and we have nothing but good things to say about the efficiency and effectiveness of this sphere of the CBF Group.
We are happy, our customers are impressed with service levels, and the partnership works exceptionally well with CBF Fulfilment."

Supporting charities with their storage, contract packing and order fulfilment is part of our foundation at CBF Fulfilment. But now and again there is a business that stands out with all the right credentials.  We love client Proud to have served. Their aim was to try and raise enough money, through product-based sales, to develop and build an R&R centre that could be used by members of the Armed Forces and Emergency Services and their families.

By creating a large range of wristbands, badges, clothing, bags, framed personalised items and watches all with personal messages and representing the forces and the fire brigade to show support.  With such a large range of goods from manufacturers all over the globe, CBF stores the items, picks and packs them for all their e-commerce trade and sends them out on the relevant service depending on the urgency the purchaser has selected on the sales channels.

With unpredictable trends, we are ideally structured to deal with the peaks and troughs of their order volumes. Proud to have served enjoy transparent stock controls, order processing reporting and dedicated account management from us and long may it reign.

Here's what they think of us:

"I have been using CBF for 18 months as a fulfilment provider for my business. Their service is second-to-none. Could not recommend these guys enough for businesses looking for fulfilment providers"
Director - Proud to have Served


Superfood World purveyors of amazing organic supplements store all their materials with us at CBF.  With an ever growing range of products, we support all the e-commerce and wholesale orders for Superfood World.

With a corporate mission to help a million people in underserved parts of the world enjoy better access to basic Healthcare, Clean Water and Sustainability Projects. This company is going places.

The Founder of Superfood World, Dr Wleed Haq is a Dental Surgeon by profession. Whilst he was working in the rural mountainous area of Powys, he began to see the benefits of an organic diet in his patients. They would tend to live longer and enjoy better physical and mental health compared to his patients who lived and worked in the cities.

This led him to research superfoods and their amazing health benefits which ultimately led to setting up Superfood World and the range of organic products it offers today. We store, pick, pack and manage all online B2B and B2C order processing.

With a large range of supplements from Spirulina, Cacao, Turmeric and Maca tablets and powders.  We see orders from multiple channels including Amazon and direct channels for individuals and wholesale distribution.  With same day dispatch across the range of supplements, we have been processing Superfood World orders consistently UK and European wide.

Being one of the only Organically Certified warehouses in the UK, we are proud to adhere to all regulations and standards.  Here's what they say about CBF:

"Having researched different fulfilment companies I found CBF to be the most helpful and courteous. We have received a great professional service which is reliable and their software is great. Highly recommended!"
Director - Superfood World



Valentis Life, a group of pharmaceutical companies that formulate, produce and market revolutionary cosmetic products to all looking to take care of their complexion and body.

All of their products are meticulously checked with great care and they are produced on the premise of scientific research, benefitting the consumer, allowing them to naturally defeat various conditions and illnesses.

With new products and ranges constantly being launched Valentis have partnered with CBF to store, pick, pack and distribute all their direct and wholesale UK orders.  Launching with a range of face masks. Valentis have hit the ground running with a large European presence their UK business is new.  They have been attending all industry exhibitions to attract wholesalers and retailers that are looking for new product ranges.

Our job is to store the palletised materials, repack and process all orders that come from various channels B2B and B2C. Sample packs and processing orders are easy, but we bring so much more to the table opening doors and using our marketing teams to help promote the new products.

We recently asked them to give us a review of our services and when it came to assisting them with their pioneering service.

"CBF Fulfilment has provided us excellent service, a very friendly team and flexible too. We consider them as our partners rather than just a service provider, they always go the extra mile not only providing best fulfilment services but more of a human touch which very much syncs with our way of doing business too. Thank you, CBF."


We love working with all our clients. This one is an interesting case study for us.

Ventz produces a unique airflow system for all bike riders to allow air to freely pass around bike leathers and clothing to make all riders more comfortable.  We store and process all wholesale and end user orders using our online software tools to help communicate to the Ventz main website, Amazon and a number of other channels giving the business one login to see all reporting and processing.  All stock is booked in automatically from manufacturers and as the summer months seem to work best for the product we find ourselves shipping goods all over the globe as the seasons change.

Don't take our word for it. Here's what Ventz have to say:

Since we began working with CBF Fulfilment, some 18 months ago, we at Ventz no longer have the worry or concern of receiving the previously frequent customer enquiries/complaints asking where their order has got to or that the incorrect product or quantity of products have been supplied. It’s comforting to know that we can always rely on a professional and efficient quality of service from CBF.

CBF are a professional friendly company to work with and they are always happy to help when asked, no problem is too small.

Finally it’s good to know that we are working with a company that has the capacity to accommodate the seasonal variability that our specific products demand.

If you are looking for a company to handle your fulfilment requirements you would have to go a long way to beat them and I have no reservations whatsoever in giving them my wholehearted recommendation.

Martin Warren

Looking at When in Rome's business model,  selling boxes of wine to retailers, wholesale and consumers you would be right to double take the 'wine box' and dismiss it straight away.  But the box is back! and with a vengeance.  With a strong online marketing presence and plenty to shout about regarding their environmental credentials, nevermind the value a wine box gives the purchaser.  When in Rome are now shipping into Waitrose, Ocado, Harvey Nicols and loads of wholesalers. This Italian wine importer only selects wine from small growers and is definitely going places!

We store, pick, pack and help manage the wholesale channels for When in Rome ensuring that all orders are packed correctly, on-time and within budget.  Using our online stock control tools and ordering processes the WIR team have a single point of access for all stock levels and the ability to process orders from all their multiple channels.

We love working with these guys and it feels like the feeling is mutual.  We consider ourselves an extension of them and we can never do too much to help them achieve success.  Long may it reign.  Here's what they think of us:

"When you're a small business, you never forget those suppliers and partners who recognise growth potential and treat you from day one like the important client that you aspire to be. My experience with CBF has been precisely that.

Unwavering in their support, faultless in their execution and with a truly holistic approach to partnership that has included advice subsequently incorporated into my business model, they've been absolutely fundamental in helping When in Rome towards its early success.
Thanks to CBF, a business operating out of a converted garage in Gloucestershire has access to a powerful OMS and a nationwide next day delivery facility for which we've been at the receiving end of much positive feedback from our growing customer base. "
Rob Malin
When in Rome - Director

Thank you Rob.  Loving your work.

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