Hand Finishing, Packing & Kit Building

Hand packing and finishing is such an individual, personal thing.  We find that each job we process has exacting, individual requirements; so we listen to our customers to achieve exactly what is required, whether that’s simply applying a barcode label ready for retail distribution or kit building your cosmetics packs for the upcoming Christmas season, we have seen it all.

What do we do? Well, there are no limits really, from manually picking and packing to enclosing bespoke items into envelopes for mailing or alternative distribution, packing pet toys or cosmetics into Christmas packs to affixing product labels and boxing for onward distribution we have handled many different types of stock from various industry sectors. We can hand enclose/pack just about anything, offering additional packing requirements if required:

  • Labelling
  • Boxing / Re-boxing
  • Kit Building
  • Barcoding
  • Inserting
  • Counting
  • Glueing
  • Folding
  • Gift Tag application
  • Collating
  • Envelope stuffing
  • Pick and Packing

We can report on our progress, giving you the data to react to and the feedback on all stocks online using your own stock control software or our own.

We consider ourselves as an extension of your process. With the ability to take orders in from any source, website, database or spreadsheet we can process your hand packing and finishing orders on the fly or in batches, making sure your customers get their goods when they need them and you get the best value for money.

Automating your pick and packing processes can take some strong I.T skills, which demands to maintain secure data links between us and the ability to make sure that all data protection is adhered to at all times.

When looking at the hand fulfilment of any value product it is important to make sure you manage timelines of expected delivery.  It seems easy to process one piece of work but the timings are key to understand the manpower in all hand fulfilment work.  We will work with you to help make the process as quick and time efficient as possible so you end up within budget and your goods arrive at your customer/supplier on time.

Hand Enclosing

Need your goods finished and enclosed in a hurry? Our teams of enclosing staff work round the clock on shifts to make sure you get your items out to your retailer, wholesalers, agents and distribution channels.

We have seen enclosing jobs from all industries including:

    • Cosmetics
    • Greetings cards
    • Toys
    • Pets
    • Homewares
    • Gadgets
    • Training packs
    • Hampers
    • Points of sale
    • I.T
    • Travel

We are used to working under pressure to give us a call even if your goods are sat in a dock with no home, we can help.

Hand Finishing / Packing Distribution

We can receipt goods from multiple suppliers/manufacturers for processing but once we have completed hand packing or finishing them where do you want them to go?  It may sound an obvious question but we know how to pack for various channels including retail, online shopping portals, multiple sites, distributors and agents.  Each one requires different paperwork and have variable requirements for their deliveries. We can ship and deliver worldwide via courier, pallet networks or bespoke deliveries if required.

Don’t forget we can store your products so you can manage your finished items across all channels. Using our software you can place orders for the shipping of your goods to your customers/ clients anytime, night or day.  How picking and packing processes are all barcoded which makes our mispicks some of the lowest on the market.

Want to know more about our hand finishing and packing processes? Why not get in touch today, either by one of our enquiry forms or by picking up the phone, we would love to hear from you – 01242 802140

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