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The ever-growing wonderland of goods stored in our warehouse needs some great organisation and care.


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At any one point we know exactly where your items are, on what shelf and how it needs to be picked/packed and sent our to its new home.

We have been into some shocking spaces in our time and ask the unorganised fulfilment warehouse to see your stock will cause them issues.

Packaging Supplied

Need help getting the right size outer packaging for your items? Talk to us. It could save you thousands on postage getting it right.

Secure Warehouse

Access controlled, CCTV throughout and alarmed. We've got your stock covered. 

Stock Integration

With all your sales channels all at once. Amazon, eBay, your website and wholesale channels from one login.

Barcode Verification

All our stock is barcode verified for easy picking, stock control and process management.

Do you know what items are sat next to yours in a warehouse?

Our warehouse carries no contaminants. Some fulfilment warehouses will hold spices or other chemicals that may taint your items and they don't have to tell you!

We have sadly seen stock ruined because of smells alone.

We guarantee your goods will be well looked after as if you were handling them.


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Size matters. But the management of the space is equally important.

At 30,000sqft of pallet space and further a pick/pack warehouse to manage all stock flow we are built to store hundreds of pallets and help you turn your stock around same day guaranteed.

We give you the ability to book shipments into our warehouse and process orders directly with us through all your sales channels and when the need arises you can book orders with us which gets sent straight to our picking team for dispatching.


We're heated!

Have you checked the heating conditions of your existing warehouse? We are heated to a minimum of 10 degrees and with constant air flow from blowers and fans, we maintain an average temperature of 18.5 year round.  Extreme conditions may have an effect on your products especially liquids, cosmetics, alcoholic goods and edible items.

OFG-Logo Organic Fulfilment Services

Organically Certified

We are certified by the OF&G to store Organic Products like cosmetics, Supplements, Oils and Toys. We've done all the hard work with our warehouse and processes so you know you're dealing with a business that takes care of your stock.

Want to know more about storing goods with CBF?

We would love to speak to you.  Why not give us a call today on 01242 802140 or fill in the enquiry form below.

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