Warehouse Software Integration

Your shopping cart is a window to our warehouse and both need to be talking the same language whilst seamlessly interacting to make sure your customer’s shopping is hassle free and your sales are processed with as little human intervention as possible to make your profitability grow.

Now I’m sure if you type into Google ‘Warehouse Software Integration’ you will see thousands of results that promise the earth. None of our competition, however, offer free integration and setup to make sure you can work with us as easily as possible. We’re in this together. If our processes are faulty your business suffers and if your site is not bulletproof then the orders will not flow correctly. Only your success can guarantee ours!

Therefore we have our own team of software people that deal solely with you and your website integration. Sound good so far?

We have learnt that the majority of our customers use a small handful of shopping carts so we have built ways and processes to make your life as hassle-free as possible. Don’t forget we don’t just need to integrate with the latest version of Woo Commerce,  Big Commerce, Shopify, Tesco Direct and Magento and many more but we can process directly from eBay, Amazon and Not on the High Street. Not to mention the couriers we need to integrate with including Royal Mail, DPD,  UK Mail, Yodel, Parcel Force and Palletways.

As you can see we love the seamless interaction between software to make your fulfilment life easier. That’s not all either.  We give you access to see all of your stock and order processing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so you know at any point what your stock levels are and breakdowns for each order. This includes postal and courier consignment numbers, direct tracking via their sites and contact details for your customers to manage anything that could be thrown at you.

Remember our Warehouse and processes have been organically certified by the OF&G which means you can store your organic goods with us and proudly comply with your certification regulation.

Now if all of that wasn’t enough we pride ourselves on our efficiency and that has its advantages when it comes to cost to you. So why not give us a call today on 01242 802140 to see how we can help you and your fulfilment?

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