Why Online Retailers choose CBF Fulfilment

Fulfilment companies measure themselves on the sizes of their warehousing. But they rarely talk about how they help their customers grow their businesses and make them look efficient to their customers.

Well it’s simple to explain why. They don’t. Running a fulfilment warehouse efficiently making sure your storage, picking and packing prices are competitive is no mean feet.  Stock management, Warehouse Security, Staff training, Account management are part of the course.  A fulfilment warehouse should have sound processes and warehouse management or they wouldn’t be very good would they…

Software is a good barometer as to how your potential fulfilment provider treats their business.  Take our tools – Mintsoft.  A third party contracted piece of software that we pay specialist software developers to create, manage and develop areas for us as we need.  This gives us a scaleable advantage over most.  Some fulfilment warehouses get unique software tools developed for them but they are not software people, they run warehouses and stock management processes.  Leave it to the experts.

With hundreds of years in Fulfilment combined, our staff have worked with most industries and products over the years.  They have dealt with all TV shopping channels, shopping carts and large high street retailers not to mention the Royal Mail and courier knowledge.  It all adds up to make us the knowledge for the fulfilment industry.

Our future is in the investment of our infrastructure to ensure that our clients have all the best tools and accessibility to markets to make sure no order gets missed.

Couple that with access to the rest of the group of companies we can help produce artwork, print materials, help with all freight movements worldwide and even help with virtual office services at our warehouse.

Want to know more about our fulfilment processes?  We would love to hear from you. Why not give us a call today on 01242 802140 or fill in one of our enquiry forms. We will come back to you with all the answers.