We know all too well that your goods from the manufacturer can come in white label or their own packaging. In most cases, this won't do. You need to be seen as the brand behind the product to establish your place in the market.

Our boxing and repackaging services utilise our hand finishing team to speedily and methodically in the package you materials and re-box them with your desired end result. It may be that you want the item repackaged and added to a large pack of items. Not a problem.

We recycle all the packaging we can and will always work with you and your reboxing projects to get the timelines of turnaround a curate and within your tolerances.

We have re-boxed most items from toys and cosmetics to candles, gadgets and homewares.

Need to work on a fixed price for re-boxing? Talk to us. We can test the timings and make sure before we start that the costs are agreed. Don't forget we can work to an NDA so you know that your goods are secure and tucked away.

Logistics and handling

If you want us to help move the goods around we have a freight forwarding team that can collect your goods from the manufacturer no matter where they are in the world. We can also pack the re-boxed products into the way you want them for distribution to home shopping, retail sites, distributors and wholesalers. Just tell us how you want it.

Want to know more about our reboxing?

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