Case Study - Cube International
Licensed Merchandise Retail Order Processing

Working in Sports Event Support. Cube International are recognised as one of the leaders in managing modular building supply and merchandise sales.

Operating all over the globe, Cube have supported events and teams like the Commonwealth Games, World Athletics Championships, Isle of Man TT and GP, World Rugby, e-Bike Championships, Aston Martin F1 and Rugby 7’s.

Their Licensed Merchandise Retail (LMR) Contracts enable them to sell branded materials onsite during the events and manage their online merchandise sales via Amazon, eBay, their own internal websites and 3rd party distributors.

We have worked with them supporting their 3PL fulfilment function acting as a distribution centre to support the events and online sales.  The merchandise arrives with us from manufacturers all over the world all ready to be picked, packed and dispatched wherever Cube need it.

E-commerce support for Cube calls for a solid relationship with marketing departments, finance teams, account manager and keeping tabs on the media so that we work together to support product launches, event support order peaks and up-to-date live inventory on all materials to ensure that fans all over the world get their branded merchandise to support their teams and sport.

We have liaised with Cube’s clients on multiple occasions to help with workflow and for them to manage their marketing message to delivery a great service and maintain consumer expectations.

Utilising our online tools and API to connect directly into multiple Shopify websites and give access to their clients directly to see inventory levels, order processing statuses and the ability to communicate to our warehouse team, Cube have a scalable solution to offer their clients that gives them an edge over their competition.

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