Connected Technologies in Fulfilment and Order Processing

In order to make your ecommerce processes as slick as possible, you need multiple pieces of software, usually all built by different developers. In our world, this is an everyday conversation to help integrate your website and shopping channels to see one stock level per SKU item and all order details for any order within a few clicks.

Connecting your sales funnels to our fulfilment software (Mintsoft) is easy if you have the right staff and know how.  Yes, we work with the big names in software like Woocommerce. Groupon, eBay, Amazon (FBA), Opencart and Etsy. But there is no end to our ability to integrate with all sales processes including Netsuite and custom built tools.

We see our processes as not only an extension of your business but we are the last line of quality control and checking to make sure your orders are processed correctly and on-time.  This is only possible with connected fulfilment services and our tools tick every box.

  • Free shopping cart integration
  • Free 3rd party integration
  • Free courier and Royal Mail Integration
  • No software license or usage fees
  • Live stock counts
  • Full live reporting
  • Barcode verification
  • Full traceability

Your business should be an efficient machine that we compliment with fulfilment services to help you grow scalability but without connected software and the cloud-based solutions we give to you for free we would only be slower at reporting, processing orders and managing mispicked items from stock.

Connecting Mintsoft to your shopping cart and 3rd parties

With one central location for your stock and a team of experts helping you with your order processing.  You need to be able to see where each order is coming from, the breakdown of that order i.e. address, contact information and items your customers have ordered. Live reporting from most fulfilment service providers doesn't come cheap but its all built into our packages for free.  You need stability when it comes to connecting to 3rd parties and our processes ensure that orders aren't going to get missed.

Our software team can work with us all to make sure your stock levels show live feeds to all your chosen shopping channels including your website and third parties.  We are able to create customer integrations to suit all mail order or ecommerce fulfilment processes showing all live statuses you need to move your business forward while automating as much process as possible.

Giving you control over our warehouse is only the start.  You can process ad hoc orders online to keep up with your client's demands and you are able to book in stock from manufacturers giving us consignment numbers and an ASN (Advanced Stock Notification) for your stock to be allocated, counted efficiently and without delay.

Connecting your courier to our fulfilment processes

Have you thought about how connected technologies can help speak to your couriers or the Royal Mail?  Well until you see it in action you won't believe the time saving and the reduction in inaccuracies. We are able to automate the generation of consignment numbers, post them to your website or the third parties website to automate the customer service process.

With contracts with all the national couriers and a database of 400 independent drivers. We are able to use your courier accounts or you can use our collective buying power to help reduce your courier rates. Our software tools can send notifications directly via email or through API connection so your process becomes less labour intensive.

Ultimately your ecommerce or mail order business will not grow efficiently without streamlining some of your order processes.  CBF Fulfilment enables you to grow in stock levels and order volumes without the addition of more warehouse or staff overheads.  We are quickly able to scale up to meet your busy periods and marketing rollouts or new product launches.

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