Contract Packing Case Study: Margaret Dabbs - QVC Kit Builds

Contract Packing QVC sets for Margaret Dabbs - Cosmetics

In the summer of 2020... whilst we were all trying to manage in the new state of the world, ecommerce and online shopping was growing more popular than ever.

Even the shopping channels were feeling a great growth in business, so much so that we here at CBF were contacted by Margaret Dabbs to pack up various different Cream sets ready to be sold on QVC's TSV (Today's Special Value) programme.

The sets comprised of up to 40,000 units, containing tubs and pump tubes of various combinations of Margret Dabbs moisturising and hygiene, face, hand and foot oils, creams and lotions.

Each kit was carefully packed on our production line and stacked on pallets in accordance with QVC standards.

CBF would then arrange collection and delivery of the goods to QVC Knowsley. 


An example kit:

Prep building PostalBoxes ready to be filled.

2 or 3 Cream Tubs or Pump Tubes placed in bubble bags.

Marekting Material placed on top of goods.

Postal Box closed and sealed.

QVC Barcode label applied.

Boxes stacked specifically as required by QVC standards.

Pallets wrapped and labelled ready for collection.


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