Looking after your dropshipping processes become second nature when you realise that we are an extension of your service.  We are the point that goods are received from the manufacturers or wholesalers for quality control, we store the goods efficiently ready to be easily accessible for picking/packing for your orders to be processed. Finally we last time the stock can be checked before the courier or postal service ships them to the drop shipping purchaser.

With no minimum order volumes and stock levels, we work with all industry sectors including cosmetics, shoes, wines, home and garden wares, toys, parts supply chains, pet food, supplements and kitchen items. Don't be held back by our competition to supply the niche you have discovered.  We offer the warehouse infrastructure to support your dropshipping efforts all the staff for account management and processing, call centre outsourcing and courier rates that would not normally be accessible at your order volumes.  But you have none of the upfront costs to set up the processes or overheads to maintain a scalable operation.

  • Secure Warehousing
  • FREE eCommerce stock control software
  • Flexible hand packing/finishing team
  • All major eCommerce platforms directly integrated for free
  • Accurate barcode processing
  • Integrated courier networks for all consignment tracking
  • Fully automated customer communication tracking
  • Full online reporting for all channels on our picking performance to sales figures
  • Organically Certifed Warehousing

Free Software Integration
In order to make your drop shipping business efficient, you need multiple software tools talking to each other to take the orders and process the payments, they need to speak to our warehouse tools to tell us what has been ordered.  Our picking teams get notified to pick and pack the stock the way you and your customer require it.  Once we have finished packing we mark them for dispatch which triggers consignment numbers and postal services to be allocated back to your shopping carts, this usually triggers the automated notification your customer about the delivery details and proposed date for receipt.

Working with our I.T team you will no doubt welcome a helping hand to pull all this together.  As we are here to work together to make your dropshipping business as slick as it can be we offer all this integration setup for free and without ongoing software fees!

How can you start drop shipping with CBF Fulfilment?
Ship your goods into our warehouse, we can even help with collecting it from your wholesaler or manufacturers wherever they are in the world. While all that is going on we can help set up your dropshipping channels with our warehouse tools.

We can help quality control the goods arriving with us and once you're happy to start sending us orders we can get on with the picking, packing and distribution.

Why choose CBF Fulfilment for your drop shipping partner?
With years of experience in dropshipping, contract packing and product fulfilment.  We employ the best and the brightest to help keep your orders being processed and we are always looking to grow.  So we talk the language of how we can get you onboard and what will it take to help you move forward.

Let's working together to grow your dropshipping business.

Want to know more about our dropshipping services? We would love to hear from you. Why not give us a call today on 01242 802140 or fill in one of our enquiry forms and we will come right back to you.