Supporting online retailers with their e-commerce orders is what we do best.

Securely looking after your items all ready to be picked, packed and sent out to their new owner.  We have seen all industries from alcohol, garden and homewares to toys, shoes and subscription models supplying the best service on the market.  All our orders are packed the same day, and not many fulfilment companies can say that!

Our warehouse is secured with the latest monitored CCTV, alarm system and building access control, so your goods are in the best storage available.

We can store your goods on pallets, in boxes and in individual pick pack bays.  Ultimately it's about efficiency to process your orders as quickly as possible.  All supported by our Warehouse Management System which gives you the ability to sign in and see what we are storing for you, your stock counts broken down, our order workflow to check on order progress and all the order breakdown so you can find the information to communicate to your customer about consignment numbers and delivery dates.

Want to book stock into our storage facility?  Easy when you know how.  We give you access to be able to book volumes of stocks in via our ASN (Advanced Supplier Notification) process.  Sign in online to our tools, create an order similar to buying products in a shopping cart, pick the date for the shipment to come to us and then send the generated paperwork to your supplier or manufacturer to ensure they add it to the consignment.  We will then know what is due in storage, we can then make it live in your e-commerce portal quicker than counting it manually.

What Pallet sizes do you store?
We store Standard (ISO), Mini, Double and Euro Pallets.  All up to a total weight of 1200kg.
Pallets that arrive in our storage facility come in all guises. Quarter, half and fully loaded.  We can handle them all.

How do we handle containers full of stock to be transferred to our warehouse storage?
Most containers are packed floor to ceiling with boxes or goods, space is money after all.  Our team of warehousing staff are used to planning and executing the emptying with speed and precision.  We have forklifts, pallet trucks and conveyors to help ease the manual lifting process.

You may not know that static containers on wagons cost money when stood still.  So we work on maximum effort and minimum time to make sure you are not incurring any further charges.

Can you have access to your stock in store?
Of course.  Unlike some fulfilment service providers, we have the ability to get to your stock at any point.  Book in a time with us and you can assess for quality control or our storage conditions at any time.

How do we charge for e-commerce storage?
All prices are volumetric so we work out how much square footage you have in the warehouse. When your stock starts being sent out for your e-commerce orders your storage charges will come down until you send us new stock.  With the ability to hold one to hundreds of pallets our prices vary when the economies of scale kick in. Storage charges for your e-commerce items should be used to support overhead costs, be careful of complicated equations or fulfilment companies looking to hold you to certain pallet space allocations. Only pay for what you have in store.

Want ot know more about our ecommerce storage and order processing?  We would love to hear from you. Why not give us a call today on 01242 802140 or fill in one of our enquiry forms and we will come back to you stright away.