Reading the 2015 E-commerce insight report as with all white papers takes a bit of reading between the lines to truly interpret a market and where the future lies.

Click and Collect 
The good news is that over £2 billion is now predicted to be spent on Click and Collect processes.  It has obviously been embraced by larger supermarkets and electronic firms but the smaller retailer is yet to see the benefits.  This may be down to consumer confidence or sheer exposure to the larger brands advertising has helped make this process mainstream.

We can help.  If you are a smaller online retailer and you would like your items picked, packed and drop-shipped to a local location for your consumer to collect we have a number of options for you that are safe, insured, efficient and cost-effective. Pick up points are growing all over the country and with the right planning, we can help get your parcels to your clients wherever they want them.

International fulfilment
It was estimated that over 22% of online retail business is international in 2014 and it is set to grow this year.   The key to attracting international business does come down to the availability of stock from the customers native country and the delivery cost to get it there.

We all know that demand for your product no matter where people are could come from any corner of the world. But make sure you talk to us about how to pack it correctly and send it out through the right service on the right courier service as some have better routes to certain countries and faster services mean happier customers!

Use of technology
Using the tools available to communicate to your clients is common sense but if you don't know they exist then where do you start?  The report shows that the use of SMS (text messaging) to communicate to customers is essential and well received as well as courier communication and secure locker dropping services are proving successful.

Want to know more about the report? Click here to see the full report.