We know how to stuff'em!

When it comes to hand enclosing envelopes we have seen it all.  With multiple inserts and personalised pieces that just simply are too complicated to machine enclose or are too small to set up machines for we are able to work fast and give you fixed rates to make sure your direct mail gets put together correctly.

We are able to stuff all envelope sizes including C4, C5, DL and C6.

It's worth noting that we do not employ home workers to stuff your envelopes we work under one roof in our fulfilment warehouse.  This gives us total control over speed and product quality so you know where we are at and when we will be able to finish the stuffing your envelopes. We can also work with all volumes and timelines so no matter the turnaround time talk to us and we will happily help.

Multiple Inserts
Where most hand finishing companies want an easy life we don't mind the fact that you want to have two personalised pieces and a gift in one envelope and for us to stick a label on to promote your up-selling or cross-selling.

PPI Labelling
We can print labels or directly onto your envelopes too so that you aren't sending your items all over the country unnecessarily.

Sealing Envelopes
We can leave you envelopes unsealed if necessary or we can if needed to seal them for you.  We can work with peal and seal, self-seal and gummed envelopes.  But if you need some help sourcing the right solution then give us a call we can help you get the right envelopes in at the right price to make our life quicker which will save you money.

Folding items
We are able to fold items to fit your envelopes so do not worry if you want to stuff them with multiple letters or sheets of paper we can fold them to suit and make sure all the right information shows through the window where needed.

So if you need some envelopes stuffed with items of all shapes and sizes we are the company for you.  Our rates are very competitive and we work fast! Why not give us a call today to get your envelope stuffing requirements sorted - 01242 802140