Exceptional Contract Packing

Our dedication to Contract Packing and Kit Builds.

We are the last people to touch your stock before your customers get them...

Our dedicated kitting building houses one of the best teams around for paying attention to detail, speed to process and transparency to their processes.

We win work because of three key factors:

  • Our online tools give you access to build packing and kitting jobs with us as if we are part of your team.
  • Our fixed costs and pricing models for each job.  We are completely honest and transparent.  Always working towards underpromise and overdelivery.
  • Our communication toward turnaround and attention to the last mile delivery.
Ecommerce Packaging

What do you need Kitting or packing?

Contract Packing Kits

Our clients ask us to pack products for Ecommerce, Retail, QVC, Wholesale, further Distribution, to support Exhibitions, Subscription Models, Product Launches and Shows.

We've seen it all from cosmetics, alcohol and clothing to gadgets, toiletries, printed items, condiments and garden products.

Our team are all manual and fully employed. They will work with you to relabel, rebox, pack, collate and apply glue dots, build parts and quality control.

Work with us on getting your Contract Packing price right.

We all have overheads and we have some fixed costs, but that said, we want to grow and win more work helps both you and us to be more efficient through reinvestment and by growing our team to turn work around faster for you.

Looking for us to supply your packaging for your Kit Build?

Contract Packing QVC
Subscription Kit Building
Ecommerce Kit Building

As a Fulfilment Warehouse, we buy in packaging for the majority of our clients to house alcohol bottles, presentation packs, direct mail postal boxes and envelopes.

Talk to us about what you are after and our economies of scale mean that we should be able to save you on your purchasing.

Subscription Box Kit Build

Subscription Box Kit Building

Our clients have strict packing timelines and dispatch deadlines. We work with them to pack small, medium and large parcels with single or multiple parts to ensure each is packed the right way every time.

With our ambient storage, we can manage all batched and dated items like vitamins and supplements.

Ship goods into our warehouse direct from your wholesaler, manufacturer or supplier and we will give you the tools to quality control and count your products all before they get packed ready to be packed into your kits.

We contract pack and build kits for our clients and send them all over the world including:

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It only takes a minute to say hi, why not call 01242 802140 or fill in the fulfilment enquiry form below. You won't regret it.

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Contract Packing / Kit Building Enquiry Form

Contract Packing / Kit Building Enquiry Form