Gloucester Pallet Storage

All our pallet spaces are standard sizes (l:1200 x w:1000 x h:1000mm) and we can house anything from 1 – 500 pallets per customer.

With no restrictions on time we can hold stock for cross docking to long term storage from our site in the centre of Gloucester. We can receive your pallets via any vehicle including Cars, Vans, Luton’s, Curtain sided lorry’s and Articulated vehicles.

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What can you store in our warehouse?
Pretty much anything that sits on a pallet.  We can help you even get your goods onto pallets where needed. We can empty container loads and handball items onto pallets if you require.

Pallet StorageHow does fulfilment get charged?
We bill all pallet spaces in weekly or monthly batches and we keep it simple with no time commitment and easy communication channels so all queries can be answered almost instantly.Pallet Racking

How can I access my pallet goods?
We usually like 24 hours notice so that we can have your goods ready for when you arrive. But we can work around you. Give us a call and we can get your pallets out of storage ready for you.

Pallet Collection and Shipping Service
We can collect your pallets to store in our warehouse from anywhere in the world.  With experience in moving goods every day we can collect containers to boxes. Give us a call to help you arrange timings and dates so you can plan your product fulfilment, cross-docking, repacking/boxing or further distribution. Our rates are great because of the volumes of goods we move around.  Why not give us a call to discuss.