Your stock is your pride and joy.  We understand the cost, the time and value to you. Consider us as an extension of you, our team of warehouse staff, account managers and IT experts are here to help move your stock to our secure warehouse and get it ready for your customers.

What are you options to move your items into our warehouse? We have a freight forwarding team to arrange any size of vehicle/s dedicated or on courier networks to help manage the cost of moving your items. With access to small, medium and large vans/lorries distance isn't the problem.  We move goods all over the UK and internationally daily so your items can be moved safely and insured to cover their value.

  • Dedicated vehicles
  • Next day courier collection service
  • Lorries and containers arranged
  • Quality control processes arranged

Arranging a vehicle is only one part of the story though.  How do you know what you're moving from one warehouse the next is the correct volume and intact?  You need to make sure products are not contaminated, broken or incorrectly packed so they may have issues in transit.  You need to ask for stock counts, quality control checks and photos of the packed goods/pallets prior to them leaving the warehouse to complete the tasks of the warehouse you are leaving.

We have seen containers that have not been packed correctly so thousands of pounds of goods are broken.  We have seen international shipments with items that our clients haven't ordered and no sign of product lines that should be in the shipments.  So clear paperwork and photos are always needed to cover bases.

Once delivered to our warehouse unlike some fulfilment warehouses we will communicate on the condition of the delivery and even take photos of items we feel you need to be aware of.  We offer a comprehensive quality control and stock checking service for all those item counts or repacking/labelling.  Your goods will be handled as if they were our own. We pride ourselves on employing all our own staff, training them and encouraging attention to detail with all the processes set to task.

Finally, you need access to your goods at any time. There are so many fulfilment warehouses or 3PL service providers that need notice or will refuse you access to their warehousing sighting health and safety, processes or lead times that won't work for your timelines.

If you want to know more about our freight forwarding processes then we would love to hear from you.  Why not give us a call 01242 802140 or fill in one of our enquiry forms.