Kickstarter Product Fulfilment

We store, we pick/pack and we distribute when you want to release your goods to your backers.

When it comes to Kickstarter, we are old pros.

We have seen: board games, cycling equipment, cosmetics, pizza ovens and home automation products as well as alcohol products and clothing come into our warehouse.

Using our online tools, we give you and your staff access to live inventory, order integrations and processing as well as direct communication to our picking teams so you are in control at all times to manage each order as you see fit.

With accounts with all the major couriers and Royal Mail, we are able to give you the best rates and tariffs to ship your crowdfunded/Kickstarter products. You will save money with us shipping the goods.

Your backers expect their products shipped and delivered in a timely fashion, arriving in tact and ready to use. We ensure your packaging is built to your standards protecting everything in transit.

The 5 stages of Kickstarter shipping success:

1. Planning. We help you plan packaging, shipping timings and potage tariffs to keep you profitable

2. Online tool training. For all Booking in of stock and campaign order process management

3. Goods In. Stock arrival, Quality control and kit building ready for the big launch

4. Picking and Packing. Supporting your stock output and communicating tracking details to all involved

5. Returns Management. Some shipments simply cannot be delivered or get damaged. We will assess the returned products and report accordingly

Looking for a longer-term solution than Kickstarter?

Our fulfilment warehouse process up to 250,000 items per month.  We are able to integrate into all your sales channels offering a same day dispatch on over 98% of all orders in our warehouse. We are modular and ready to support your growth.

We can directly integrate into Shipstation which is able to connect to Kickstarter pulling your orders down and even triggering your dispatch notifications with shipping information and telling your backer when they will get their purchases.

Need component parts kit built and put together before shipping to your backers?

Our Contract Packing Team are on hand to pack your products ready with marketing materials and instructions to picked and shipped when you need them to be.

Our Client Services Team are here for you.

Planning your campaign is half the battle.

Talk to our team about getting the costs right before the launch of your Kickstarter campaign.

We are all about the best reviews
for you and our processes.


Your brand and online presence will not grow if your fulfilment partner lets you down with poorly packed and mispicked items. We are all hunting for the 5-star review and together we actively work on providing the processes and tracking to keep you and your customers informed.

We would be delighted to talk to you about your Kickstarter Project...


We integrate.

We are not a bespoke service, but we are a tailored one. We realise that we are the last people to be touching your products before we ship them out to your customers.

Teach us how you would like your orders to go out and we will work with you to satisfy every order with the same care and attention as the last.

We directly connect to your sales channels pulling orders down constantly to be processed in the same day. Amazon, Ebay, Not on the High Street and most major Shopping Carts, all integrate directly to our warehouses for free.

Your 3PL Ecommerce Fulfilment, Distribution Centre and Contract Packing partner. Planned, Integrated, Packed and Delivered.

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