We see lots of interest in drop shipping here at CBF. But the term gets used for a lot of processes let's clarify what drop shipping means to us.

We help ship goods in from manufacturers to store, re-box, re-label and process the orders for our clients.  We see all shapes and sizes of stock from shoes, cosmetics, socks, homewares, wine, toys, jewellery, driving and motorcycle accessories, office toys, snacks, supplements and loads more.

Offering all our clients free online stock controls and API connections to sync your stock with all drop shipping outlets. We have scalable process working with you to understand your projected order volumes and stock lead times. With no contractual minimum order volumes, we can work with you to house your stock before your promotional campaigns start. Our clients vary hugely from 20 orders a month to thousands and we wouldn't expect to pigeonhole you or force you into charges that are unexpected.

Did you know that we don't mark up our postage or shipping costs? Making us up to 15% cheaper than some dropship service providers. That's not to say we make the other charges expensive.  Our prices are worked out on your requirements, not ours. So don't expect to be paying pounds for us to process an item that costs pence to your customer.

Drop shipping to us is about the efficient process and we pride ourselves on making sure you have access to total transparent processes and at each stage of the way you can track each order and its shipping tracking credentials if required.

If you are looking for a drop shipping partner in the UK make sure you ask about the packaging used so send your goods out, the insurance cover within the warehouse environment and the insurance cover that the can be covered with the Royal Mail or the courier moving the goods around the country.  There are so many variables that we talk about day in, day out and sometimes you take knowledge for granted.

Look at your rates for storage. Is it volumetric? It should be. You should be paying for the space you are using not empty racking space.

Want to know more about working with us to store, pick/pack and distribute your drop shipping? We would love to hear from you.  Why not fill in a form or give us a call today on 01242 802140.