So easy to build a website and for the business on the front end to look professional and knowledgeable.

We don't know any Fulfilment people that build websites so why should you trust what they say? They say talk is cheap but 30 years of establishment and some great established clients that will give us testimonials all day long is a good start isn't it?

Fulfilment is definitely about you and your stock. It's about you trusting in us to take the items in, look after them properly, pack them correctly and get them to your clients.

Easy. Well, not quiet. Fulfilment processes can be very labour intensive, we consider our fulfilment team as an extension of your business.  How we perform has a direct correlation with your business and your relationship with your customers. It's all too easy to blame software failures and connections when the operators are not trained or competent enough to manage your account correctly. Our team are kept up to date with all the postage, courier and software changes as they happen so they can guide you and your fulfilment.

We are constantly increasing our capacity to process more orders on a daily basis and we have met every service level agreement we have in place with every client. Yes, problems occur with couriers, packaging, product discrepancies but it's how you deal with the issues that define a relationship. So we are always upfront, honest and proactive with all that challenges us.

With experience in a lot of sectors, we know how your customers expect their goods to be delivered and how quickly we need to get them out. Speed is always paramount but not at the expense of accuracy in picking and packing.

Don't worry if you send out 10 orders a day or 1000, we think all customers are equal and should have the same levels of customer care.

Have you discussed software tools with a fulfilment warehouse? Over the last 5 years, integration with shopping cart tools has become a norm and all fulfilment service providers should help you with integrating with ALL your shopping channels.

Software tools in the fulfilment industry are hugely varied and some provide a basic stock control process and some go the whole hog and integrate with all the major shopping channels, stock controls, user logins and even integrations with couriers so the process is end-to-end tracked and able to be traced accordingly.  Be careful however, costs vary massively look out for management fees, usage fees and integration fees. You might see an initial price point as attractive but the art of the upsell is in play here and fulfilment companies are good at lots of little charges.

Thought about bringing your goods in using our freight forwarder? With over 400 drivers and all the courier networks on our books, we can collect and deliver anything anywhere quiet literally. With established collections from all over the world from shipping containers to single boxes we can help you manage your manufacturers correctly and without the headaches of border controls, import duties that need paying up front and keeping tabs on the traceability no matter where your goods are. We have pretty good pricing too all down to our economies of scale.

Not blowing our trumpet too much but we understand all the courier and Royal Mail tariffs and are able to find the best and most cost-efficient way of getting your fulfilment items into our warehouse or to your customers.

At this point in time I know we are carrying supplements, toys, shoes, wine, push bike parts, print management stock, office furniture, charity packs, cosmetic ranges, homewares, pet toys and care items, olive oil, candles and even Manuka Honey. There is very little we haven't seen over the years and we love a challenge.

Want to know more about your fulfilment warehouse and our processes? We would love to hear from you. Why not fill in one of our enquiry forms or call 01242 802140 to speak to one of our Account Managers.