Do you require Mailing Services? With a wealth of knowledge across this industry, CBF can provide you with the print, processing and delivery services to meet your requirements.

With so many services available to consumers these days, knowing the service options on offer and choosing the right one to meet your needs can be very confusing and in many instances, alternatives are available that are comparable and cheaper to use.

At CBF our job is to maximise the impact of your mailings whilst minimising the costs through a variety of print, processing and postage services.

Print Services

Whether your mailing comprises a simple letter to customers, subscribers or suppliers or you need print services for brochure, magazine and leaflet dispatch, we have the ability to offer and advise on a wide range of options. From single insert print to multiple documents, personalised or generic we can supply to meet your requirement.

Envelope Mailings

We can enclose all sizes of envelopes (DL, C5, C4) using our automated enclosing lines or we can hand enclose those jobs that are more bespoke or have a requirement that means they cannot be automated.


Ideal for brochure and magazine dispatch poly wrapping your item not only ensures you minimise your packaging but also makes your mailing piece more visually appealing.

Bespoke Mailings

Are you thinking outside the box and have a requirement that doesn’t follow the norm? At CBF we love a challenge, don’t be afraid to ask!

Postal Providers and Services

Are you in a rush to get your items delivered?

With a variety of services available from Royal Mail and DSA (Downstream Access) suppliers such as TNT and Citipost, we can get your item delivered in accordance with your needs at a cost you can afford.

Do you have non-time specific mailing demands? Why not save on postage and utilise the economy services on offer available to bulk mailing companies such as CBF.

Postage Options

Royal Mail Standard Service Levels: 1st Class, 2nd Class

Royal Mail Bulk Mail Service Levels: 1st Class, 2nd Class, Economy

Royal Mail Bulk Mail Service options: Business Mail, Advertising Mail, Publishing Mail


Comparable services excluding 1st class.

Want to know more or just need some advice? Either fill in one of our enquiry forms or pick up the phone, we would love to hear from you.