With over 30 years experience in fulfilling our clients. We have seen most industry trends rise and fall.  Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) is no different, we have shipped goods in from manufacturer, suppliers and other international distribution channels to support all levels of orders no matter the business opportunity.


Over the years we have dealt with:

  • Cosmetics
  • Wine
  • Supplements
  • Fitness Products
  • Kitchen items
  • Gifts
  • Toys
  • Gadgets
  • Shoes
  • Organic products
  • Garden products
  • and many more.


Each obviously has their own unique packaging and shipping processes.  We work with our fulfilment clients to store their goods securely, pack them in the way they want every time and ship them directly to the customer on-time, every time.

Scaling an MLM operation is key.  Most fulfilment warehouses are sound in processing work with accuracy figures quoting very lower mis-picks from the shelf, but what happens when there is a spike in the workflow?  The answer is simple. The fulfilment cracks show.  Now all 3PL services in our eyes should be scaleable.  We work with you to assess marketing plans and prepare for what 'could be'. Work with your account manager here to plan product launches and marketing rollouts. Without your success we don't have any.

Work with us for all your MLM marketing campaigns for sample packs to ensure you are not paying too much for your postage per item and packing costs are as low as possible to protect the precious cargo.

We find ourselves being an extension of your business.  With online tools to monitor order processing, reporting and traceability all our workflow is transparent to you and the best surprise.  We give all our software tools away for free!

We don't want a penny for any licensing fees, user licenses, usage fees or even API connections.  It's all part of our service.

We store in pallet spaces as well as pick/pack bays so your stock is always accessible. We can kit built on demand so your clients get the perfect presentation every time.

Our storage, picking and packing rates are some of the best on the market so your MLM business should be at its most profitable with CBF Fulfilment.

Want to know more about our MLM fulfilment services? We would love to hear from you. Why not fill in one of our enquiry forms today or give us a call on 01242 802140.