OnBuy Integration - 3PL Ecommerce Fulfilment and Contract Packing


We are a 3PL service for all national and international manufacturers, resellers, Influencers and disruptors that need a UK site to store and process ecommerce, merchandise and promotional materials. We pick and pack up to 250,000 items per month for all sizes of clients and we are always looking to grow.

We work with our clients to directly integrate with OnBuy.  Polling for orders all day long, we are pulling them directly into our online tools matching them to stock in our warehouse and packing for dispatch the same day.

OnBuy’s integration with us means that we are fully instructed with all the order details including  name and address of the recipient, as well as gift messaging that we can help present in the way you want it to be.
We also automate the dispatch notifications, marking orders as dispatched and sending the tracking information to OnBuy to communicate to your consumer.

We have seen and processed all types of OnBuy Orders:

Wholesale Orders
D2C/Ecommerce orders
Points of Sale Materials (POS)
Event Merchandise
Marketing Materials
Product Launch Support
Promotional and Merchandise Materials
Training and Instructional Materials

OnBuy Product Contract Packing

Our dedicated contract packing warehouse and team are there to help you build completed bundles/kits and support product launches to be stored and called off whenever you are live with specific offers or SKUs.

Daily we are:

  • Reboxing/rebagging
  • Relabelling
  • Quality Control Checking
  • Returns Management
  • Adding components, instructions and marketing materials to products
  • Kit Building
  • Bulk order processing and new product rollouts

Our contract packing team will also relabel, rebox and Quality Control clothing and accessories directly from your suppliers.


Our processes are fast and efficient.
With no setup, integration and management costs with OnBuy.  We are always keen to work with all sectors and companies to give you access to our tools.  You are maybe moving from one existing provider or are in need of a site in the UK. We can help your transition, train your staff on our processes and tools to help you be more efficient and without disruption or delay to order workflow.

Looking for good communication?

We are class leading with a dedicated Client Services Team to help you with all your daily contact, a support ticket process for returns and ongoing projects as well as our query processes to speak directly to our picking teams about order specifics. We need you to be able to communicate on all levels so that you can deliver your D2C/ecommerce and wholesale orders to your clients.


Pallets, cartons, containers we are used to them all. With online tools to book product/SKU shipments into our warehouses, we keep you in control of your supply chains.

We work volumetrically with our storage charges. So, you are never paying for space not allocated to you. We can however, commit to specific space and staff if required.

We have pallet and individual SKU picking shelves to manage your vitamin and supplement  stock correctly and make it easily accessible for all picking functions.

Goods In

We deal with containers, pallets and cartons of goods being shipped in from all over the world daily.  Booking your shipment in is simple, upload the details to our online tools and we will agree a shipment date between us to manage the labour required to make your Apparel and clothing products ready for picking and ordering. Once booked in, your OnBuy SKUs will be live and ready to be ordered.

OnBuy Order Processing and Integrations

We operate via a central online platform that will integrate into all your sales channels including OnBuy and processes enabling us to pulldown or have your staff create orders, allocating stock and helping steer the urgency of the orders where required.


We work with small and light items as comfortably as we all appreciate the weight and handling of bulky items like master cases of products and pallets of stock.  With the ability to manage 30kg+ products we can pick and dispatch your orders the same day if needed.

We operate at over 99.8% accuracy with our barcode scanning and picking processes.

Need to manage serial numbers,
lot and batch information in your order processing?

Not a problem, our online tools will help you choose batched products and report/notify correctly on expiry dates. You can export all data associated with all orders to help manage your warranty processes.

Your staff can login anytime (if allowed) to manage inventory levels, process orders and communicate directly to the picking teams to help with order specifics.

We operate at 98% same day dispatch on all our orders on our system. The 2% are broken down to larger more complex multi-site rollouts and customer delayed dispatches to hold back on shipping until the receiver is ready for your OnBuy orders.

OnBuy Order Processing Times

We can work as fast as you need us to.  We operate in a Perfect Order Fulfilment (POF) world.  Your clients will more often than not be able to operate as quickly as us with our order processing. So we are able to manage dispatch dates and process order to satisfy your clients and not hamper their processes. We can be as flexible as you would like us to be.

Understanding delivery performance, accurate delivery documentation, damage reporting and timeline traceability, your products can be located on pallets and picking locations all readily available for ordering anytime.

Picking/packing and dispatching orders to travel across the world daily, no matter the size of order. Our team will work with you help manage your order shipments, international customs paperwork and commodity codes to help aid the travel times.

OnBuy Picking Accuracy

We talk the same language or SKU names or numbers, serial numbers, lot numbers and batch codes.  Our focus is always on barcode verification and the ability to pick/pack and dispatch your orders when you need them to be shipped.

With over 99.8% accuracy on all product lines in our warehouses, we are a trusted 3PL for our OnBuy clients to fulfil and process their orders for a one off project or for an ongoing sales portfolio no matter how many sales channels.

OnBuy Returns Management

Our team receive returned items daily for all clients that are looking to return the goods or have sadly been damaged in transit.

Your reverse logistics are as important as your original order dispatch.  We recongise that your customers want a swift resolution to their refund or a new shipment to them. So we process all returns to your standards, assessing each item and documenting where required to give you informed decisions on your next steps on how to deal with your customer.

Viewing all returns and their processing status online, you are always in control and we are flexible enough to learn about what is acceptable to rebox, repack and reshelve or destroy if needed.


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