Single Unit SKUs and Carton SKUs

There are two ways in which we can manage your Case/Trade stock and single stock SKUs on Mintsoft.

Below is a short guide on how both processes work.

If you are unsure of anything or have any questions on this, please call Client Services and we will help explain this for you:

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To use the old format of using a separate single unit SKU and case units SKUs, please be warned -
There are costs involved in this process to cover the manual labour and admin time taken to process the stock in the warehouse and on Mintsoft.


To request a stock transfer, you must place an order and corresponding ASN on Mintsoft.

i.e. If you needed to up your Case unit stock by 2 x cases of 12, place a manual order on Mintsoft as follows:

  • Add 24 units of the single unit SKU, use CBF address and use courier service CBF GoodsIn
  • Create ASN for 2 x cases of the case unit SKU, select delivery type as Carton and put quantity x 2

Please Note: You must highlight the ASN number in the Packing Notes on the order and the Order Number on the ASN Comments. This helps for clear traceability of the process and which Transfer Order corresponds to which ASN. We ask you to also keep in mind that our GoodsIn dept. aim for a 48 hour turnaround.


Transfer Fee: The costs will be your standard pick prices (per carton) and GoodsIn Costs per Carton.


This stock transfer order will then be picked and dispatched. The stock will be moved to our GoodsIn department, who will check off the stock and book onto Mintsoft accordingly.


The new updated version of this process is below -
Mintsoft now facilitates the function to include more detail when logging your Carton details on a SKU - such as a barcode, the quantity and dimensions of the carton.

This has meant we can implement a more simple stock management solution as below:

  • If you have orders for the same SKU in variations of single unit stock and cases, the SKUs can all stay on one SKU (for the single unit) and by utilising Bundle SKUs for Carton quantities you will always be able to see your carton quantity on the Bundle SKU - see the example from one of our clients below:

i.e. The shakes come in cases of 12 and therefore you can clearly see the number of cases left in stock as 787. 9444 divided by 12 = 787. For example, if there were only 9443 single units left in stock then the Bundle case SKU would show a stock level of 786 as there would be 1 shake short to make up that last case.


As you can see this gives you a reasonably clear and concise stock level and negates the need for separate single unit stock and case stock. Here are some useful links on Bundles and how to create and edit them on Mintsoft: Adding-a-Bundle


IMPORTANT NOTE: For both the above and below methods, you must check you have input the relevant Carton data on all associated SKUs, if you have not done this on your single SKUs, you risk being charged a pick rate for every item rather than a carton pick. You can find out how to update carton details here: