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Alya Skin sells Australian made skincare products online and in stores.
However, online is the predominant part of our business and we use 3PL companies across the world to deliver to customers within 2-5 business days.
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An Australian pink clay mask is quickly becoming a must-have skin-care product that fits so seamlessly into everyone's routine. Whether it’s used for tightening pores, cleansing, and detoxifying skin, reducing inflammation or preventing breakouts, Australian pink clay has many benefits for your skin and there are no doubts on why it's taking the world by storm.

Pink clay is a form of kaolin clay and is a combination of white clay and red clay, safe for all types of sensitive skin!

Red kaolin clay is great for very oily skin while white kaolin clay is the opposite and is mild on the skin. Therefore, pink clay is the perfect combination of both these clays. Pink clay helps to restore and replenish skin with moisture while also drawing out impurities. It is safe for sensitive skin but still delivers amazing results, almost instantly.

Pink Kaolin Clay is rich in silica, which will help to improve skin elasticity and cell renewal for glowy, younger-looking skin. Silica also works as a natural anti-inflammatory substance that assists with retaining moisture. As well as silica, Pink clay is also rich in minerals such as kaolinite and calcite. An Australian pink clay mask is a one-stop-shop for a brighter, clearer complexion that results in a fresh and healthy glow.

The Alya Skin Australian Pink Clay Mask is the perfect pink clay mask that will help you achieve all your skincare goals! Alya Skin is vegan, cruelty-free and loved by thousands of people all over the world!

We assigned CBF Fulfilment as our third party logistics company for UK orders 2 years ago.

They have been nothing short of amazing to work with, they are extremely quick to despatch orders and have a team that are always so willing to help when needed.

As an ecommerce business owner that has worked with multiple 3PL companies and can safely say that CBF Fulfilment has been the best we have ever worked with in all the years.

James Hachem
Alya Skin.





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