Chunki-Chilli-Logo Toy Fulfilment Services

Toys are fun to manage no matter what environment they are in.  Even in our warehouse, our picking and packing staff love working with clients like Chunki Chilli.  Their knitted toys are all stored in cellophane bags and busting with character, each item has been lovingly made and is looking for a new home.  Who couldn't love a pirate rabbit, a knitted giraffe with a scarf on to keep his neck warm, a cow with a tutu, a badger with a knitted suit on or a lovingly made Christmas Stocking?

We give the toys the respect they deserve.  Helping Chunki Chilli ship goods into our warehouse, process online orders from numerous retailers as well as processing wholesale orders.  With access to our online stock tools and free integrations to all major online retailers, this is a match made in heaven.  We love fulfilling your toys Chunki Chilli.

Here's what they think of us:

We moved to CBF after experiencing a nightmare Christmas with another fulfilment service that inexplicably left a large number of orders on hold until it was far too late for us to restock in time for Christmas. CBF has been very consistent, thorough and methodical, and have lifted a huge burden by using software to automate the processing of orders received via Notonthehighstreet. They have been very proactive about problem-solving.

Director - Chunki Chilli