Lescaro Health - Importers and Distributors of leading health and skincare products with brands including:

  • Wild Ferns Skincare
  • Mirati
  • Manuka Vantage
  • Onuku
  • Bee Venom New Zealand
  • Thesis

Environmentally friendly packaged, sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) free, paraben free and mineral oil free, you know that this cosmetic importer cares about the processes behind the products as much as the brands themselves. We store, repack and process all wholesale and B2C orders from multiple channels including Amazon, eBay, direct websites, and their internal wholesale channels.

They chose to work with us because of our attention to detail with our account management, our simple pricing, our secure warehousing, online stock control tools and our credentials.  Lescaro we love working with you.  Sounds like it's more than mutual. Here’s what they say about us:

"At Lescaro Health we took an important decision to transfer our logistical operation to CBF Fulfilment in 2016.
It has been a positive move and we have nothing but good things to say about the efficiency and effectiveness of this sphere of the CBF Group.
We are happy, our customers are impressed with service levels, and the partnership works exceptionally well with CBF Fulfilment."