Lola + Blake produce pyjamas, sleep related products and accessories for all the family. Their designs are hand illustrated by different British Illustrators with a view to inspire dreams and make bedtime more fun.





CBF now pack all my orders both retail and wholesale.
My Woo Commerce website directly links with their in-house software so they are constantly on top of my orders and get them packed and shipped in a timely manner.
They’re also able to fulfil the luxury gift wrap and personal messages that my customers request meaning I have managed to keep the brand and personal elements of my business thriving.
This has freed up so much of my time to concentrate on more strategic decision making and customer service.
Lola + Blake Promo (winter wonderland)
"I’ve been really pleased with the service I have received from CBF.  Each business is unique, and mine certainly has a lot of personalisation options and additions that customers request.  CBF worked to implement these and find solutions to ensure that my brand remained as personal as when I individually wrapped and sent each order myself from my dining room table! 
Recent reviews from customers have remained positive with special mentions to the quality of the luxury gift wrap and the nice touch of personal notes. A special shout out must go to George and Tom who I know have worked tirelessly to make the transition to CBF as smooth and issue-free as possible.
They have also offered regular review meetings to brainstorm cost-saving process-improvement and iron out any issues."


Kat Paterson-Browne
Lola + Blake