Valentis-Cosmetics-Fulfilment Services

Valentis Life, a group of pharmaceutical companies that formulate, produce and market revolutionary cosmetic products to all looking to take care of their complexion and body.

All of their products are meticulously checked with great care and they are produced on the premise of scientific research, benefitting the consumer, allowing them to naturally defeat various conditions and illnesses.

With new products and ranges constantly being launched Valentis have partnered with CBF to store, pick, pack and distribute all their direct and wholesale UK orders.  Launching with a range of face masks. Valentis have hit the ground running with a large European presence their UK business is new.  They have been attending all industry exhibitions to attract wholesalers and retailers that are looking for new product ranges.

Our job is to store the palletised materials, repack and process all orders that come from various channels B2B and B2C. Sample packs and processing orders are easy, but we bring so much more to the table opening doors and using our marketing teams to help promote the new products.

We recently asked them to give us a review of our services and when it came to assisting them with their pioneering service.

"CBF Fulfilment has provided us excellent service, a very friendly team and flexible too. We consider them as our partners rather than just a service provider, they always go the extra mile not only providing best fulfilment services but more of a human touch which very much syncs with our way of doing business too. Thank you, CBF."