Looking at When in Rome's business model,  selling boxes of wine to retailers, wholesale and consumers you would be right to double take the 'wine box' and dismiss it straight away.  But the box is back! and with a vengeance.  With a strong online marketing presence and plenty to shout about regarding their environmental credentials, nevermind the value a wine box gives the purchaser.  When in Rome are now shipping into Waitrose, Ocado, Harvey Nicols and loads of wholesalers. This Italian wine importer only selects wine from small growers and is definitely going places!

We store, pick, pack and help manage the wholesale channels for When in Rome ensuring that all orders are packed correctly, on-time and within budget.  Using our online stock control tools and ordering processes the WIR team have a single point of access for all stock levels and the ability to process orders from all their multiple channels.

We love working with these guys and it feels like the feeling is mutual.  We consider ourselves an extension of them and we can never do too much to help them achieve success.  Long may it reign.  Here's what they think of us:

"When you're a small business, you never forget those suppliers and partners who recognise growth potential and treat you from day one like the important client that you aspire to be. My experience with CBF has been precisely that.

Unwavering in their support, faultless in their execution and with a truly holistic approach to partnership that has included advice subsequently incorporated into my business model, they've been absolutely fundamental in helping When in Rome towards its early success.
Thanks to CBF, a business operating out of a converted garage in Gloucestershire has access to a powerful OMS and a nationwide next day delivery facility for which we've been at the receiving end of much positive feedback from our growing customer base. "
Rob Malin
When in Rome - Director


Thank you Rob.  Loving your work.