Storing, picking, packing, reboxing, reworking, relabeling are all working trades that earn a fulfilment company money.  They all have one common element. People.  Our industry is full of people automating everything which is fine to a point but there is definitely more to life than FBA.  Communication with our clients wins us work every day. Our pricing is not read from a chart or table of fixed costs and each customer has an open forum and a blank sheet to discuss their requirements.  After all, as a fulfilment warehouse, we are an extension of your service.

At CBF we deal with fulfilment workflow questions, pricing queries and logistics headaches every day.  Working with our clients to solve the ultimate peace of mind, a seamless delivery of goods.

Hearing common problems with other fulfilment companies.  They all seemly suffer from a lack of attention to detail when it comes to scaling up order volumes and managing queries. Firstly let's address that all fulfilment processes should if planned correctly, be infinitely scalable.  Your stock should be stored in a way that you can always go and see it if requested. You should be able to see online stock counts and order processes to understand what your business is doing and when orders should be going out for dispatch.

Do you get access to live reporting for your fulfilment orders? We hear our clients say that they get manipulated reports that paint a 'certain' picture to make sure the service is delivered, but do you have all the facts? Our clients have access to full process and sales figures whenever they want them making your fulfilment workflow transparent.

Have you discussed your fulfilment service delivery? Is there an SLA between you and your fulfilment service provider? Some will be reluctant to offer dispatch guarantees and mispick statistics.  With strict goal posts between client and fulfilment service provider, both parties know what service to be delivered and how you as the customer would like your products to be handled.

Have you discussed the differences in how your wholesale channels need fulfilling?  Each wholesaler Online, High street retailer, TV shopping channel or Multi-channel distributor has different requirements in order to avoid their sometimes unfair VCB (Vendor chargebacks). We have experience in shipping goods nationally and internationally to meet the strictest of pallet weights and packing requirements. We hear horrific tales of consignments falling off pallets, lack of fulfilment companies following the booking in process for the delivery site. This is a fundamental part of our job. It shouldn't happen.

Have you been kicked out or turned down by another fulfilment company?
Recently we have seen a growing trend of fulfilment companies assessing business enquires and turning the business down due to lack of ordering volumes.  Now everyone has to start somewhere.  We understand the need to step away from the labour intensive task of managing stock, packing materials and processing orders never mind the queries that come back from your customers.  Let's keep this simple. If we have room to accommodate you in our warehouses, we will help you to process your orders and give you all the tools to help you make processing your orders as smooth as it can be.

If you are looking to save money or move away from your existing fulfilment service provider.  Then we would love to hear from you.  Our customer service wins us business every day and we pride ourselves on being straight talking and easy to deal with so why not pick up the phone and call 01242 802140 or fill in one our enquiry forms and we will come right back to you.