Working with retailers like Tesco, Argos, Maplin or Office Depot?  We are one of the only fulfilment service providers to offer free integrations into the Virtual Stock software piece, The Edge. Linked to our warehouse directly we are able to store, pick and pack your orders to be distributed to anywhere they are needed without you having to use third parties to manage all your fulfilment for e-commerce as well as your wholesale management.

Helping you with your order processing and keeping your stock moving is an essential part of our fulfilment process we offer secure pallet and pick/pack storage and dedicated Account Managers to help you with all marketing and promotional activities.  We can scale our packing staff accordingly to ensure we meet a daily same day dispatch guaranteed.

Virtual Stock talks about 'total supply chain visibility' and we are the missing link. Eliminating the need for you to purchase warehousing, staff and associated costs, we are here to be an extension of you and your stock management for all wholesale and e-commerce sales channels.  Operating internationally we are moving stock into and from our warehouse to all over the globe daily.  Our clients praise us for our process transparency giving you a true breakdown of every order, its status and all consignment numbers to track and trace no matter the size of consignment.

We give you flexibility in your delivery options too.  With accounts with all the major courier and pallet networks as well as the Royal Mail, we can help you ensure your profits are not eroded buy additional charges or items are sent out on the wrong service to arrive late.

Giving you the flexibility to work with all your sales channels.  Our online fulfilment tools give you one login to manage multiple sales channels and couriers at one time ensuring we get all the orders centrally to one stock balance eliminating the admin of processing orders and courier channels.

Working with such large software pieces means we have worked with all the major retailers as well as TV shopping channels and marketing agencies from all over the world.

You have access to our dedicated account managers to help you ensure our virtual stock integration is stable and the connections are working seamlessly. We pride ourselves on our account managers knowing your product and with a simple email or phone call you can have an intelligent conversation about quality controls, fulfilment processes or an order that needs special attention.

Increase your sales and service levels with CBF.
With our service levels and attention to all those little fulfilment details plus your buying power and products, we can dominate any sector keeping all those supply chains moving and products flowing. Only your success can guarantee ours!

What does all this cost?
Being one of the only Virtual Stock free integration services we work with all sectors.  Cosmetics and Beauty products, Pets, FMCG, Garden and Homewares, Supplements, Shoes, Adult Items, Office Items, Toys and Points of Sale and marketing materials.  We are one of the most competitive and flexible fulfilment service providers in the UK and with all our own infrastructure well established.

We charge for storing your, stock, picking, packing and packaging supply so your costs are transparent.  Our processes are sound and Virtual Stock's software is only complemented by our fulfilment services.

Want to know more about our Virtual Stock integration for your e-commerce or wholesale management?

We would love to hear from you why not fill in an enquiry form or call us on 01242 802140.