Do you have access to a product line new to the UK or are looking to take over an existing operation that needs warehousing, quality controls and order processing all managed?

We need to talk.  We are a long established fulfilment warehouse with experience in most sectors.  We have our own warehousing and process orders for our clients online and for wholesale channels.

With industry-leading software tools, we can help your clients integrate directly to us allowing you to manage all order fulfilment and keep in control of your stocks.  Every process we operate is tracked and easily traceable online with one login.  You are able to book shipments into our warehouse and process ad-hoc orders to help out those clients that need a little more hand-holding.

  • Secure storage
  • Online stock controls
  • Live order management
  • Dedicated account management
  • Free software integration
  • Free courier integration
  • Drop shipping managed
  • Organic certified warehouse and processes

Our warehouse is secure and heated to maintain an ambient environment for all shapes and sizes of pallets and boxes.  Our trained staff can help you manage packing, reboxing, order processing and give guidance on shipping to help maintain that all-important margin that all of us fight to keep. We offer dedicated account management so that we understand your product ranges better and your ordering trends to help your marketing and stock volumes.

With experience in shoes, cosmetics, toys, supplements, garden and homewares, sports goods, alcohol, hair and beauty, training materials, car parts, motorbike accessories, charity support items and gadgets. We have seen most sizes and volumes of products.

As you may guess we deal with shipments from all over the world.  Manufacturers come in all shapes and sizes and we are used to dealing with China, India, USA and European shipping/logistics routes to make sure your wholes goods arrive in our warehouse safe and intact.

You may need some help opening doors to find distributors for your wholesale stock?  We can help.  With a team of product agents, we can help open doors to most major retailers and help talk to channels not usually accessible without our infrastructure.  We send items all over the UK and Europe daily so you may look to us as your European fulfilment warehouse.  We have the capacity to process the orders and are always looking to grow so warehouse space is not ever going to be a problem.

Being part of a bigger group of companies we can help you with your product design, packaging design, ecommerce and printing of promotional materials and points of sale.  With dedicated teams of designers, buyers and project managers The CBF Group is here to help your reach in the UK and Europe.

Want to know more about us working together to manage your warehouse products? We would love to speak to you.

Why not give us a call on 01242 802140 or fill in one of our enquiry forms and we will come right back to you.