All fulfilment providers talk about the positives of their service and how they are going to benefit your fulfilment outsourcing. But do you really know what a bad fulfilment service looks like and what to look out for?

We receive daily calls from enquiries from startups and existing fulfilment prospects that look at the bottom line in order to determine their choice to choose one supplier from the next.  But as there are so many variables and cost centres in fulfilment that it is easy to hide the true cost of processing your fulfilment.  You need to be aware of picking costs, storage charges, packaging costs, postage charges and management fees to start with to assess if the service provider knows what they are talking about.

But if you want to get to the crux of the matter when it comes to avoiding a bad fulfilment company you need to ask questions about the following:

  • Late shipping percentages
  • Account Management processes
  • Mis-pick records
  • Stock control processes
  • Stock damage process and insurance
  • Warehouse Storage Conditions
  • Outer packaging samples and ideas
  • Lack of online tools for account management

All of these should highlight to you that if dealt with correctly, you and your stock are in safe hands.  It is worth mentioning that we at CBF use online tools to help you and your shopping carts talk directly to our warehouse so that you have all reports on shipping, stock levels, consignment numbers as well as the status of each job so that you can see what stage it's at.

A bad fulfilment service only makes your business look bad to your customer so make sure you get testimonials and processes as well as your quotes to make sure you end up working with the right fulfilment supplier.

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