Learning how to use WooCommerce and to make it work with your product range is like learning another language.  Couple that with the foibles of WordPress and there are some serious head-scratching moments to learn your way around.

Let's just say you have your WooCommerce site live and products ready to sell.  You may be at a point where your living room or garage is full of items ready to ship out.  What happens when you outgrow your space or your better half tells you to get your products out of your home?  Don't despair, you have options.  Handing over your precious goods to a fulfilment house and outsourcing the processing of the orders to them not only frees up your time to be able to marketing and promote your business but work on your business, chasing suppliers, social media and even holiday-ing... Just think.

We work with a lot of businesses that use WooCommerce for their shopping cart platform of choice and processing the orders once your customer has purchased is what we do best.  We store items securely, we pick and pack them ready for dispatch through the courier or postal service of your choice.

But it's the integration with WooCommerce that makes our service really sing.  Our online tools are there to compliment WooCommerce by taking orders placed on your site and automatically sending them to our packers to process.  Our software talks directly to your website updating stock levels and processing statuses so you and your customer know exactly what the status is of your order.  It can even automatically update your customer through WooCommerce about the tracking details if there are any of your consignments.

Of course, you have your own login to our tools to pull off reports and see your orders and what stage they're at. Keeping you in control and ahead of all customers questions is our aim.

When looking around at fulfilment companies that can integrate with WooCommerce be careful of integration costs, setup fees and processing charges.  So many Fulfilment service providers want to charge you to even set up with them. We say how ridiculous. We find a privilege to be working with you and your business, we are after all an extension of your company and your success is ours. So let's say no to setup charges, no to integration fees, no to usage fees and no charges to updates or additional costs for software support.

You should be looking for your fulfilment provider to charge you for 'volumetric storage'.  This means that when your WooCommerce site sells goods and the items get sent out you are officially using less storage that you were before the items were sent out so you should be charged less for the storage you are taking up in the warehouse.  Many don't.

We have a team of I.T. specialists in-house that know WordPress and WooCommerce, you may need some help getting your product showing the way you need to or the product artwork look the way you want.  Talk to us about our additional services and together we can help each other grow.


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