Groupon Fulfilment Services

Watching orders coming in and out of our warehouse over the last 12 months since we started dealing with Groupon clients there is a definite trend in the successes of our processes and delivered on-time to make sure both your customer and Groupon have confidence in your processes after the purchase has happened. When it comes to Groupon order processing we see large projections and smaller rollouts.  Both require the same amount of planning and execution with packaging and processing. We offer all the tools to store, pick and pack accordingly.  You need speed and guaranteed dispatch times and we have never missed a sameday or next day delivery.

  • Secure Storage
  • Online Stock Controls
  • All major Shopping Cart Integrations
  • Barcode picking and packing
  • All UK courier networks supported
  • Royal Mail OBA Support
  • Hundreds of packaging suppliers managed
  • Organically Certified Warehouse and Processes

We have seen some terrible packaging mistakes which some clients have been insistent on using but without taking into consideration the postage and courier services and how they can treat or in some cases manhandle some parcels your end customer will be receiving a broken or dented box which could leave a bad first impression about the attention or care you give the items inside if they’re not broken as some tend to be.

Take a step back. Look at your product with us prior to your campaign going live and we can all plan and obtain stocks of packaging materials to suit your needs and once agreed we can manage the suppliers to make sure you never run out.

It’s true outer cartons, boxes and padded packaging items add weight to your items which could affect your postage costs but let’s work together to make sure all weight is managed correctly to try to avoid additional costs where needed.

Once the Groupon promotional process starts you will not know where to look if your campaign is successful.  Order queries and delivery questions will come in thick and fast so be prepared. But with the addition of our software tools (Mintsoft) we are able to give you access to each order, its status and all the delivery information, as well as all the stock, controls you can throw a stick at. Including booking in stock, reporting, ad-hoc orders and so much more.

I guess if you are looking at Groupon for a channel to sell goods through.  We can help from the collection of goods from your manufacturers direct into our warehouse, to storing, picking and packing all your stock so you are free to get out there and grow your business.

Want to know more about our Groupon fulfilment experience or are looking to engage with Groupon and want to know the best ways to start planning your fulfilment then want to hear from you. Why not pick up the phone today or fill in one of our enquiry forms and we will be in touch straight away.