Merchandise Fulfilment

Keeping tabs on your points of sale, promotional merchandise and marketing rollouts is hard enough, but when your have branded materials and kits all sourced from different suppliers, life gets a little more complex to juggle. Never mind the distribution repacking packing to different staff and locations across the UK.

Why bother trying to conduct such a large orchestra when you can send all materials to one central hub for storing, quality control checking, kit building, packing and distribution when required?  Our fulfilment warehouse is constantly working with Design Agencies, Associations, Product Manufacturers, National Retailers to help put all those merchandise pieces together.

We see office toys, cosmetics, sales packs, promotional literature, gadgets, kit builds and exhibition materials plus so much more.  All have the same purpose for us. Secure Storage, packing/repacking and distribution.  Working with our clients to ensure all merchandise is ready to be delivered on the day it’s expected.

Working as an extension of you and your process we pride ourselves on communication and speed of turnaround.

All our staff are employed by us directly so we are in control of the quality control and speed of delivery.  Our prices are good too.

We price work on the job not from rate card as we know some things require more time to organise and others can flyout the door.  You may even have a budget to work to for your merchandise fulfilment.  Talk to us about your restrictions.  There are always ways to accommodate.

Want to know more about our merchandise fulfilment?  We would love to hear from you. Why not call 01242 802140 or fill in on of our enquiry forms and we will come straight back to you.