How is CBF a great contract packing supplier?

When you're looking for a new Contract Packer.  What are you looking for?  Here are some key factors to consider when evaluating contract packing suppliers:

  1. Contract Packing Quality Control: Look for a supplier that has a robust quality control system in place to ensure the products are packaged according to your specifications and meet your quality standards. All our Contract Packing tasks and inventory management are processed on our online tools.  You and your team will have access to see all progress and be able to call off any stock to be processed where and when required.
  2. Capacity and Capability: Your business deserves a supplier that has the capacity and capability to handle your product volume and packaging needs. You must consider our production capacity, equipment, and expertise in handling your specific product. We plan projects together on urgency and complexity so we can staff accordingly and plan our warehousing space.
  3. Flexibility: Find a supplier that is flexible and able to accommodate changes in packaging requirements, order volume, and delivery schedules. We need to work together to plan as much as possible.
  4. Experience: Look for a supplier with a proven track record of delivering high-quality packaging services to similar clients in your industry. Est. 1986. We have seen it all from printed materials to collate and marketing materials to large volume e-commerce returns to manage.
  5. Cost: Work with CBF to get your pricing right.  We all have overheads that need to be managed but we understand that you need to get to the price point for all contract packing projects. Let's get it right together as without your success we have none.

With experience in managing e-commerce stock, TV shopping projects with QVC and Ideal World as well as helping build kits for further distribution and quality control checking.

Our clients have based all over the globe, we are used to working with different timezones.  Our Client Services Team are here to help.  Give them a call today to plan a contract packing project.

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Contract Packing Greatness

Our dedicated contract packing warehouse and team are there to help you build completed bundles/kits and support product launches to be stored and called off whenever you need.

  • Reboxing
  • Relabelling
  • Quality Control Checking
  • Returns Management
  • Donation Management
  • Kit Building
  • Bulk order processing
  • New product rollouts

Our contract packing team will also relabel, rebox and Quality Control products from your suppliers.


Over the years we have stored and processed e-commerce and wholesale orders for most industry sectors.
We are the chosen Distribution Centre, 3PL Logistics and Ecommerce Fulfilment Service Partner for hundreds of clients.  We specialise in fast-moving items from Small and Light to Two-Man lift products.

But there are always items we haven't seen,
so make sure you say Hi!

Talk to us about your Returns processing and FBA stock preparation.
We are happy to help with all your goods coming back for putting back on the shelf for resale or for quarantining.

We contract pack and build kits for our clients and send them all over the world including:

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We consider ourselves a great contract packing supplier. We can provide high-quality, efficient, and cost-effective packaging services for your products. Here's why you should choose to work with CBF over other contract packing service providers:

  1. Reliability: A good supplier is reliable and able to consistently deliver packaging services that meet your quality and timeline requirements.
  2. Expertise: The supplier should have expertise in handling your specific product type and packaging requirements. This expertise ensures that your products are packaged safely, efficiently, and in compliance with relevant regulations. Talk to us about your sector and we will relate to previous packing experiences.  We don't know everything, but we learn fast.
  3. Quality Control: A good supplier has a robust quality control system in place to ensure that the packaging meets your specifications and quality standards. Photos, process charts and documented evidence are all part of our contract packing world.  We work with a number of clients that work on behalf of others and we support that workflow for them. It needs to be right for all parties.
  4. Capacity and Capability: The supplier should have the capacity and capability to handle your product volume and packaging needs. This includes having the necessary equipment, technology, and personnel to handle your products effectively. We are a manual handling operation.  We touch every part of our contract packing service.  We understand this isn't for everyone, but our production lines are clean, efficient and flexible.
  5. Flexibility: We've got this part down to a tee.  Yes we all run in schedules, but we can plan around you and make sure your projects are delivered on time. Our workforce can work in shifts to extend packing time.
  6. Communication: Effective communication is key to successful contract packing. A good supplier should be responsive, transparent, and able to provide regular updates on the status of your packaging orders. Our online tools are the key to both of our successes. We can build projects together, manage inventory and even plan logistics all through one tool.
  7. Cost-effectiveness: Although it's not all about the price. We work to budgets, we can work to project costs and even plan around part deliverables. Talk to us.

Overall, a good contract packing supplier is one that can provide reliable, high-quality, and cost-effective packaging services that meet your specific needs.

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